10 best ab exercises for Men

10 exercises to gain muscle.

Recently, the media has been filled with reports of some entertainment show on how to gain muscle. A common scam we are drowning in is working out. While this is true for any sport we can indulge in, these exercises are vital for gaining muscle. They support your whole body, reduce body fat, and overall get you to look and feel better.

Below are my favorite exercises. I’ve collected them from my personal experience, and it just might make you fat again.

Crip Fish

These exercise tell us that one should work out generally (more than we do) and at a relatively regular pace. Every day as little as 30 minutes or for as long as an hour can help boost our immune system and build a strength.

30–45 minutes

Water Aerobics

While Aerobics alone might not be one of the best exercises for gaining muscle, you can still incorporate this exercise at home. You’ll be able to do this while watching TV.

30–45 minutes


Rumba is a great exercise that works your core, lowers your heart rate, and you’ll also pick up great abdominal strength. It supports both your abs and your biceps.

30–45 minutes


IPL is a great technique for lifting weights. Before lifting, stand straight up and adjust your back so your head and shoulders are straight. If you’re not in the proper, standing position to lift weights, just walk your hands up to your shoulders and keep the front of your hands straight. Be sure to make sure your shoulders are level while lifting weights.

30–45 minutes

Barre for Biceps and triceps

An upper body workout that supports both your upper body and your triceps. For triceps and biceps, while squatting down, lift your shoulders as you bring them up. Push them back down and repeat the exercise with your right arm.

30–45 minutes

Rope Squats

If you’re looking for ways to get more cardio workout in, the Rope Squats works your legs and core. While doing a set of 12 reps, hold the rope upright with your legs facing straight up. Your body will need to reach the rope tip to get on top.

30–45 minutes

Box Chair

Box Chair is an extremely basic exercise that ensures to be simple. When exercising with the use of an exercise machine, you can be certain that whatever is there is a functional machine. Though you’ll want to find the right ergonomic devices for your body. If you know your way around an ergonomic chair, these exercises are a great option.

30–45 minutes

Wide Angle Leg Press

Wide angle leg press is a great exercise for legs. You’ll use the right angle to get right in between a pack of dumbbells or something else and hold a dumbbell up. If you’re holding the dumbbell like the six-pack full-neck power walker, you’ll be able to touch the desk to get into the chair.

30–45 minutes


The Plank works both your core and your legs. Plank promotes hip alignment and leg movement.

30–45 minutes


Stretching like this will help you get out of pain or discomfort. Many of us like to stretch while in pain. Consider stretching while you’re in the office. Then you can always find yourself browsing random online sales while looking at new clothes.

30–45 minutes


I’ve always said that you shouldn’t go to a gym to lose weight and muscle. The biggest part of building your health is to burn those fat cells on your own, which is achieved through exercising. Whether it be for anyone, even if you’re a total fat pig, you’ll need to exercise to get a clear picture of your personal body. My recommendation for hitting the gym regularly is to do the same exercise while at home.

30–45 minutes


Mainscore training is always an amazing way to have great metabolism, but when your injury or injuries have increased, you need to keep up your exercise. Trainer describes it as up and down, right arm behind you and up over the shoulders. An up arm will make you feel happy and motivated.

30–45 minutes

Try it out on yourselves, do them for 10–15 minutes, then do a set of 20-30 minutes. After a few hours of this, you will notice that the feel of your waistband is that of a pair of jeans.

Yes, it might sound bizarre, but it’s true.

top 10 best ab exercises without equipment

I’ve never been a fan of cardio exercises. I’ve never really had a need for it, so when my friend and exercise teacher Jane recommended HIIT videos I was skeptical about joining her classes.

I’ve become a big fan over the past month.

The reasoning behind this workout is as simple as it sounds — HIIT works your body as your mind. Think of it like picking up a feather from the ground while sprinting. It’s incredibly effective and will boost your mood and overall mood.

Now that I’ve started to feel strong in my community, I can’t lose another inch of muscle. So to keep up with my newfound workout, I decided to try some of Jane’s other classes.

Although my friend can take a class three times a week, I’m not that committed — so I thought I’d add more cardio to my routine. I chose to skip yoga because I’m intimidated by the skills I need to learn. I’m sure that will come, I just have a lot of time to get up to speed as I go.

Here are the best “marauder” workouts for cardio that you can do without using equipment or a workout stand.

1. Power Squats — Incline This power squat will help you develop a more balanced and tight bum. It’s an easy, painless workout that uses the levers of your body and results in more tone and a consistent calorie burn. It’s good for those with back pain, because it increases the stability of your spine.

You can even do these squats seated if you’re a big backslider.

Cardio work, power squats will help to give your back pain some good luck. It’s a high-intensity workout that really hurts your back and burns enough calories that it will add a pound or two a day.

The reps are about 30 to 40 for power squats and 2 to 3 sets. It’ll burn up to 5 pounds a day of fat while burning down more calories. If you want to lose weight quickly, it’s an excellent way to do it.

“Marauder” workouts can even be modified to be done while you’re still lying on your stomach.

Keep in mind that you can’t do these rows while under the acceleration of a car, but just 30 seconds max and we don’t have any tech to this yet.

See my in-person workout video here

2. Tall Walkthrough Row — While the songs are now a little jittery and accelerated, take some time and pace yourself through the power walk through row. This workout can really help you build upper body strength.

With easy-to-follow exercises, you’ll gain more balance and more strength in your legs and feet as your hips and abs get adjusted. This will help to boost that muscle tone you’ve been wanting to have.

To jumpstart your endorphins, you can do it in the car while parking!

We’re also moving faster on our legs with these crunches at 30 seconds to go. Whether you’re standing or sitting, take 5 steps forward and 6 to go, then lower your knees and return back to the starting position.

We’re also jumping up and down while doing plank exercises at 10 seconds to go.

If you’re going down on your tummy, add some pushups to the mix, you’ll be so giddy to get up.

See my in-person workout video here

3. By The Beams — The stairs are such a great way to move your body. Some stairs are curved at an angle, while others aren’t so high!

To help you create a strong core and lean back, balance your weight off the steps. To have an easier time, think of a cup of coffee. Your body needs to associate a coffee to the movement you’re doing.

So do this exercise first and push the crown of your head as if you’re skipping up and down the stairs.

Soon you’ll start to move your body. You’ll also notice your throat fill up with the taste of the coffee. This will become a simple exercise for you to do whenever you want.

We’re adding that exercise on the wall, not the floor because your body is used to even that much movement. The pushups will be pretty easy for you and will help to pump up your heart rate.

This class is beginner-friendly so you don’t need to be a big figure or have a back problem. The weights are few and far between and even if you’re super active, you’ll feel like you’re in a safe space.

best ab exercises at home

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is defined as an exercise type where individual are exposed to high intensity for a specified time followed by a period of rest or recovery for the metabolic process.

HIIT is a great way to keep stress levels high, while also paying a quick attention to your physical performance. HIIT will help to improve overall fitness and shape up your body while at the same time paying attention to your general health, something that most of us aren’t even mindful of.

Ab exercises are in fact a great form of workout for general health. You can try doing high-intensity workouts right at home. By listening to just 4 of these 3 basic methods, you will drastically change your overall fitness and health.

Lentil (or banana) exercise

Hence, This is a great option for people who live in quiet areas and have a habit of sitting on the backseat for an extended period of time. Moreover, because of its low impact, the ab exercise will help to reduce knee discomfort. This is good news for those who live near hills or ditches. Ab exercises are not only great for your body, but also your mind. What good are aerobics for your health if your body is not healthy? Perform the step-up leg raise for at least 2 to 4 minutes.

Joint stretching

You probably know that we are moving our joints all the time, but the main question is how healthy your joints are. Taking steps to strengthen your muscles and joints, including boosting the pelvic floor and pelvic floor can improve your overall health. This can be done by walking to and back from the restroom, getting to know your body and perform calisthenics like the shoulder joint stretch.


Though you may have heard about the works of a professional gym trainer, you are not necessarily the doctor; hence, practice makes perfect. Press-ups are a great at-home workout that does not require you to perform any much cardio exercise. Press-ups require you to lift your feet off the ground and work the top part of your upper body to make you feel comfortable with your core while you are working out. Press-ups are challenging.

You can practice with weights or with an exercise ball. You can also try using a pillow. Press-ups are very good for staying fit, but they can increase a little bit of stress and soreness, so make sure you keep it cool and relaxed as you practice.


Though, squats are a great at-home workout for your core, it also benefits your overall health. By producing work and support throughout your entire body, squats help to decrease the chances of ingrown urinary tract infection (UTI) in the future. Squats are good for your overall abdominal muscles, chest and your legs. Perform the step-up leg raise for at least 2 to 4 minutes.

Eliminate heart-burn

The classic answer is to avoid overeating because this will lead to the heartburn. It may look and feel terrible, but doing just three common exercises or 4 basic ab exercises at home is an excellent way to burn off some fat. Breathing and stretching every hour can help reduce heartburn. It’s a good activity to practice in the evenings, night walks and in the morning.

You should listen to your body, therefore, don’t completely stop your workout, though you should also listen to your body when it starts to get uncomfortable. Get in your vehicle, which can help you to get to the hospital at night, if you have to. For the first time in my life, I got my first good night sleep.

If you’re trying to get in shape, but don’t want to squeeze into a gym, you’re likely looking for a more flexible way to build muscles and burn calories. One way to do this is with “safe, painless,” cardio-based exercises, that will train your upper and lower back, which go hand in hand with your triceps and shoulders. For me, this means ab exercises. There are plenty of different ways to do them. But the simplest is to take a few minutes, sit down on a nice bench, and use your own free weight, if you have, but preferably you won’t.

And, of course, there are all sorts of other ones. Below are the ones that I’ve done the most with. If you want to check out some others, or if you’re just doing some other things like pushups and planks that might be a good place to start. I’ve actually even done so many pushing up, leg raises, and lunges that I’ve had to mention the exercises below.

That’s what I do every day. As an exercise group, I can go for anywhere from 90 to 120 seconds. Yes, that’s consistent! The difficulty of the exercise doesn’t really matter, and there are a couple of versions of the same exercise that you can really go for quite a while at an easy pace. You can go for at least five minutes at a steady pace, but at least one of the other exercise forms like the ABAG legs raise exercise will you move your hands up and down the leg, as well as into the shoulders and back and chest. If you want to keep doing it, rest for an hour, and then repeat. The net also helps solidify, because you need to knock out at least a one minute rep at a solid pace. If you can’t fit it into your typical workout, look for more aerobics exercises that will suit your body better.

When my walls are covered in solid mats, there is less mass, so I can stretch the most when I’m doing upper thigh and hip raises. This is a more versatile exercise. When you want to jump, there is a lot of room to press your feet up or keep your hips lower. Instead of pushing up, you’re getting it done as you go up. You don’t have to be lifted up all the way, but you can get the core strength and hip flexibility you need.

This is a great exercise to do for any kind of cardiovascular activity or cardio. The more people you exercise in a single day, the better your heart is and, because there is constant blood pressure and oxygen, you have more oxygen to burn. But if you don’t feel good afterward, you might want to think again. If you’re lucky enough to have those ab exercises at home, now is a good time to rework them on machines at the gym.

I started doing lunges 10 years ago, when I still hadn’t graduated college. The bulk of my bulk is in my back. Anywhere from 20% to 30% of my bodyweight I get the weight up in my hands. I know that and everyone else around me know that. But I haven’t been lifting weights for the past 6-12 months. The fact that I haven’t? Hmm. But I’m back on that treadmill treadmill, so that’s good enough for me. I had to get the pushup up for both back workouts, but otherwise it’s all heart exercises. I bring a gym membership to the gym with me, and I’m open to different workouts that would make me feel less sore.

This exercise is another classic with lungs and chest strength. It’s also great for doing a lot of work in a short amount of time. Most people who are using a lot of weights, they’re generally going for at least 20 minutes. In my case, if you’re doing lunges every day, you can do for about three minutes, and then straight up repeat until your thighs are gone and you’re out of breath. It’s especially great if you need a little a little more relaxation, but I recommend a jump rope for those people who want to do the workout all in one go.

Along with the other active work out exercises, this is important for shoulders, butt, and back. My back is very weak, and the only way to help me stretch my body properly is to be doing the exercise. With the lunges, I did the biggest incline of my life.

I’m happy to say I didn’t have to go too far. The only time I wanted to really work out all of my back

abs workout bodybuilding

My favorite workout theme is some form of cycling. It gives me the feel of being on a brisk walk. The bike may not always make you feel good. The technique of how you achieve a burning feel is also a crucial part. Some the tools that you use may be an exercise ball, blankets, even a t-shirt. All of these are tools that will take your bad posture and will increase the efficiency of your high-level workouts. High-end bikes are designed to make you feel better and will give you a more deep-cleaning of the your skin. You can opt for different lines of products and the quality of the products are all the matter. The raw materials and formulas used are ethically sourced or created organically.

When I’m really working out at a time, I would usually find myself at home or within a series of scenarios which are not ideal for me to be on my mat because I might have a run away game. Working out at a time gives me an asphyxiating feeling and that’s what calms me down. Sometimes my clients may not choose the most complicated pieces of gear to use when they’re training, but the most responsible thing to do is to keep the tool-tools that I choose clean.

I suggest keeping the scents of everyday items like “vodka” and “juice” smelling good. I also recommend purchasing food that is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and try to avoid the foods that are high in sugars and refined carbs.

I recommend creating breaks for eating your food, resting or sleeping. Don’t allow that buildup of toxins to build up, that is why I like to eat, sleep, and work out during periods of no activity. This is because with the buildup of solid, nourishing foods, you are really making yourself the best human being you can be and it will result in you being at your best while exercising. I personally work out alone most of the time. But at a time when I am working out for multiple hours a day I’m able to find my girl to accompany me.

My alarm clock is actually where I spend most of my free time. When I’m not active I would like to watch Netflix or the news. I’d also like to listen to live music. I love my back yard, and it’s where I like to work out at a time. My home is close to my client’s base as well, and I can easily hop in the shower with the water running. It sounds like your normal morning with your water running.

Like I mentioned earlier, I hope to be at my best all the time while working out. I work my ass off. While I am not a million percent consistent with my hours, I have to be pretty consistent and therefore should have a steady income and a fair income while working out. That helps you stay on track and give you something to look forward to. You work out while you’re eating and each morning I ask myself where I got that the night before. It should be used in a way where it’s doing it to help you get to your destination. If it’s doing it to lose weight, you need to be working at your best from my opinion.

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