Pro tips for weight loss for men over 40

Weight loss for men over 40

Many have told me that they feel like an outcast when they weigh more than their desired weight.

And as the go-to answer to why they feel outcast, I began looking into my genetics.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that my physiology has caused me to live a life that I’m not comfortable with. I will admit, I gave into a lot of culture conditioning and thus lived my life as unfulfilling as possible.

However, through all this, I have learned that the only reason that I was interested in trying anything about my body was because I want to be more healthy. And as I continue to educate myself about myself, I’ve found a way to move forward that I can feel satisfied with my results.

However, this isn’t a holy-soup of philosophy. The surgeon was able to alter my surgery and procedures to be more in keeping with my new weight, and thus has caused me to gain.

Hormones and weight gain after 40

Here are five of my favourite things to do when it comes to genetics and weight gain.

Gauging Genetics Online: We have this concept that genetics is something that happens naturally in our bodies. Rather than trying to “jump-start” a gene to make it go our way, we were taught to seek explanations that have fundamental medical implications. One such explanation is that obesity is not really a lifestyle choice, it is a result of genetics, and, along with treating genetic conditions, we can interfere with the environment and try to “circuit-breaker” this desire.

It’s true that this causes more detrimental traits than any attempt to “quash” the underlying genes in a healthier lifestyle. For example, by being obese all of us have inherent immunity issues and a weakened immune system. But so is smoking. If we took the opportunity to make cigarettes illegal and the action of curbing individual driving behaviours is monitored then we can prevent the classic “lifestyle related” obesity.

So I call this behaviour an issue of designing genetic organisms that have a fragile balance and a need to live their current self and in the way that they were designed to live, without us interfering. So-called lifestyle traits like “fatness” and “lifestyle related diseases” could be curbed if we helped build in the capacity for preventing genetic abnormalities that cause “lifestyle related” obesity.

Genetics v. Growth: I can’t help but wonder if there is a way of designing generation that has a shared goal with the biological creation of the gene’s designer. The gene designer is very aware of the problems associated with poverty and social inequality. The intervention of the designer in genetic engineering — as a connection with the designer’s perceptions of increasing a system problem — could very well solve the obesity problem on a global scale.

Treating Genetics: How does the lifestyle environmental impacts determine and set the stage for disease and suffering?

Even though our genes need to exist in equilibrium to allow for growth, it needs to have this balance to permit life. If our parents on birth are exposed to a lot of genetic maladies, does that mean we need to do anything?

However, what can we do about what we do in our modern lifestyle?

losing weight after menopause success stories

By the end of 2011, I had lost 31 pounds. I had always been quite the overweight woman, and it got to the point where being overweight was normal to me. Now I had the opportunity to change my life, and I took it. It was a transformational moment for me in my life. After I lost all my weight, I was happy and satisfied with my appearance and my self-esteem. I felt like myself again and became a lot happier. After the weight loss, I wasn’t sure that I would want to regain the weight, but now, with more years of age on my side, I realized that I wanted to do it again. Because when you are older, you still have the appetite, but your metabolism slows down, which makes me go back to the pounds. When you gain weight after menopause, your metabolism goes down so much that you are prone to gain weight almost immediately, and I did. Then, over time, my weight ended up increasing and remained constant at the same time. Luckily, I was still experiencing physical changes after menopause, and I started gaining weight again. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, but with no information about it, I thought my weight gain was just my body recovering from menopause. In my heart, I didn’t think I should be concerned, but I often wondered why my body was changing in this way.

After years of constant weight gain, the weight gain was my body paying the price for becoming old. Back then, I was still not used to thinking about my body; if it made me tired, I would either drink more coffee, eat more carbs, or sleep. Now, years later, I knew better, and I could understand my body’s need to find stability. I was on the right path because I was eating healthy and getting exercise every day. I had always been super active and watched all the TV shows I had on my TV, because I like to watch and walk at the same time. When I started watching the shows again, I realized that too much sitting is normal for me, but I was spending too much time sitting. It gets too hot to sit in front of the TV, and I always end up sitting for hours, or I’m up all night, but I think my lifestyle is flawed because I’m not creative, I always keep things to myself and always want to be serious. Despite the fact that I thought my lifestyle is a problem, I wanted to change my life because of my weight. I want to look good for the people I come into contact with, and I am an extremely introvert. I am not a perfectionist; I am not overly vain and I don’t care about my appearance. Having said that, I want to look good for myself, and I know that my weight can affect how I am perceived by others. It was true that my weight affects the way I am perceived by my friends, my family, and even strangers.

So, after a couple of years of losing weight, I decided to follow my heart and chase my dreams. I had enough time and I was enjoying myself and taking life slowly. I decided to exercise, eat healthy food, go out, and be happy. I won’t go to the gym four to five times a week. Even though I don’t have a gym membership, I go walking, going to the library, and spending more time with my family. When I was looking back on my life, I found the reason I did it. After years of being overweight and sluggish, I wanted to meet people with active lifestyles. I never went to college; I only did high school and went to college for women. The only thing I needed to do was to get an education, be financially independent, and experience everything the campus has to offer. I haven’t yet joined the college that I attended, but the one I am now pursuing in graduate school. Once you change your life, it is easier to make changes again.

This is not an excuse for my weight gain, but it is a start for me. Now, I am leaner and healthier than ever before and I look better than ever before. I’m really grateful for myself for changing my life for the better.

This story is based on an essay that I read in the First Day PRO podcast “There Is Freedom After Menopause.”

If you would like to read my full essay, click here.

weight loss transformation in 3 months

I’ve always struggled with being overweight. When I’m younger, I have gained or lost weight pretty frequently and had several battles with my weight. In between bouts of weight loss and gaining weight, I’ve always had to constantly diet and exercise more.

It took me a little while to realize that there was more to the concept of weight loss and more information needed to get to the root of my problem. Over time, I’ve learned and have started to discover that being overweight is not the real problem. I am overweight and have put on some pounds, but I must ask myself and find the answers as to why this is the case.

The truth is, my weight loss journey has gotten more complicated and it has become more about eating right and exercising than losing weight. This journey began back in January 2018, after I had gone through the extremely transformative experience of making the conscious decision to gain an amazing amount of weight. What I didn’t expect was how long and much fun that weight gain process would be.

During my weight gain experience, I began to realize that I was not my body. My weight gain for that period of time was not influenced by my food intake and I used food for comfort instead of pleasure. Without knowledge and information on how to get to a healthier weight, I developed unhealthy eating habits. That’s where I found the issue.

As I gained and gained, I also discovered that not all weight gain is a complete loss. There were days where I still struggled and felt poorly. It’s no secret that something can get worse during your journey. I had enough food in my body that I was able to lose a lot of weight, but what does that mean? Is my weight loss actually down to overeating and not getting enough sleep?

Somewhere along the way, I lost motivation for exercise and lessening my weight gain and gaining weight (because of my increasing weight gain) didn’t seem to be the answer to solve this problem. So I started to examine the root of my problem and discovered that this was caused by my inability to adopt healthy behaviors and resolutions, something I haven’t been so great at in the past. This is where I got to my point.

While looking at the internal factors that affect my eating habits and what I do to keep my weight in check, I found that it is the fact that I am not healthy. My own personal self-esteem, whatever that means, took a major beating from all of my weight gain experiences. Because of this, I have become plagued with binge eating, overeating, fast food, and the binging together with the overeating became unbearable.

Because of this, I turned my attention towards myself in order to change the way I thought and lived. This led me to new discoveries and discoveries that I hope, can lead me to a healthier and better way of eating and living. This more in-depth writing is one of the reasons why I chose this platform. This one will be very beneficial for me and most of all for you.

You may want to feel that I’m giving my opinion, but I really am. I have been honest with my body and myself from this point forward, rather than wallowing in the fact that I no longer have weight loss issues. This is my journey and I am just keeping in mind that I have not reached the root cause of my addiction.

Perimenopause sudden weight gain

We all have periodic break ups, some more intense than others. But did you know your body will physically respond to such dramatic changes? We all break up quickly at first. It just seemed to come on out of nowhere.

Within just a few weeks our brains will try to wipe out any evidence of a break up by releasing the body’s brain chemical adrenaline. The result is accelerated weight gain, and insomnia.

The biggest effect of this I think is the burning up of so many calories within the body that we would not have been able to gain so much. Having more confidence that makes us feel happy and show more of our potential.

In my defence, I was the person who would never make any effort to lose weight. I was confident and full of myself and didn’t really care what other people thought of me. But I noticed over these five months the thoughts were changing. I needed to be more aware. I was questioning if I had needed to gain so much weight so quickly.

I had tried to lose weight from age 18, but in general it had not helped me much. The weight did not just suddenly come on, I tried to lose it and whilst I was taking out my cigarettes and slimmer clothes, I was still getting heavier. This is not normal. At that age, I’d feel so much more ready for college and my first job.

I went to the gym for the first time in 5 years, but the weight did not begin to come off. They told me it is difficult for those of us who have grown to this age. They would ask me about my problems and food which I now don’t drink. They also asked if I drank any other substances, for one thing in particular.

Another mistake I make during a break up is that I completely ignore them. I find it hard to get back into a headspace and settle. So I would sit in the comfort of my little room, eat fast food and binge eat. What would happen is that my body would just stick around feeling hungry, and the idea of going to a gym with a new boyfriend would feel even more alien.

But I didn’t eat or exercise. The weight continued to start to creep back on. I had just developed a new boyfriend, and this was my very first time falling in love. I didn’t understand what was happening. I thought it was normal. I had tried to lose weight my whole life, and still my body would not show me how hungry I was.

People always say that you have to eat to cope with a break up, but for me I started getting more hungry all the time. This hunger was what made me feel I needed to gain weight. Because I had tried so hard to lose weight that it just comes naturally. Of course, for me, that did not work out.

My efforts to get back in my weight range stayed in the house and the weight added on. After 3 weeks of this I went to my mother and told her. She explained how we were both middle aged women who were still keen to lose weight. She said that she had lost at least 10 kilos from all the old days of eating fast food.

So finally I came around. I lost weight, and the weight went away. I was happy. I was disappointed with myself for being so unhealthy in the first place. I still used alcohol and fast food as a stress reliever from the things that happened to me in my head.

The only problem I had was that this break up never went away, even after the 1st year. I had met the guy I still date now on a dating website, and it was not until I was with him that I realised there was a break up. The breakup was much more intense. I used alcohol a lot during this time.

The weight loss slowly disappeared. I was back to my old self. I was staying out all the time with my friends, and I was getting through life okay again. That is when I started to pay attention to where my food was coming from, and that started a whole new spiral for me.

Then I stopped drinking alcohol and started to exercise more. It was not an easy struggle, but I learnt that this break up never ended, and I never saw it go away. I had learnt the mistake of focusing on the psychological side of the break up, but with time my body picked up what had happened. My confidence increased, and I was beginning to really see the benefits.

As you can see I learnt a lot that led me down a totally different path than I would have taken had I lost weight before. That gave me the confidence I needed to rejoin an old smoker friend who became a mentor for me. I now also enjoy taking the road less travelled.

What are your misconceptions about break ups?

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